Create and Sell Your First Online Course (as a multi-passionate)

Monetise your multi-passions

Do you want to create a course, but are not sure how to get started?

Been all up in thinking...

How do I choose the right course to launch?    

Will people buy it?    What if no one buys it?  

Do I need to pay for a course platform?   And how do I choose the most cost-effective platform for me?    

Has the self-doubt been greater than your creativity when it comes to create and sell out your online course?

Is your mind taking over saying...

What if I don't finish the project?    

Is there a way to launch without all the Marketing & Tech overwhelm?    

Shall I create a course or a program?  

Will I be able to hold a group container energetically?    

Will I be able to really get people results?    

Yes, I had all those questions when creating my first online course.  

I almost gave it all up!  


Let me uncomplicate course creation (even if you're a multi-passionate with 1,000 ideas)     

✨Learn the best course platforms to get started and the ones to avoid  

✨Get clear about your pricing and avoid pricing mistakes  

✨In case you have many ideas for courses, learn how to pick the most profitable course idea  

✨Learn how to sell your courses and programs even without a huge following 

The Somatic Business Academy presents...

Ceate your First Course Bundle

Don't lost in a sea of ideas, take your course to completion, so you can increase your passive income, freedom and impact

Create and Sell your
First Online Course

Pick the most profitable Course applying the "Course Profitability Matrix"
Outline your Course 
✔ Highlight the value your course provide so it's easy for students to enroll
Enrol your first students

Normally $199 AUD

Soul Signature Course Launch Checklist

✔ Take the overwhelm away of your launch by using a step-by-step proven process
✔ Plan your launch Profit Goal and set the strategy to reach your goal
Plan your E-mail sequence and other content for a successful launch!

Normally $111 AUD

30-day Content Creation for Course Launch

✔ Get ideas to start telling your story
Get engagement with short posts
✔ Write with the expert voice
Find hot topics that engages people in your launch
✔ Create compelling and differential content 

Normally $99 AUD


Course Pricing

Create and Sell your Course in 3 days

$99 AUD

  • Create and Sell your Course in 3 days

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Includes a 30-minute strategy session 1:1

$111 AUD

  • Includes a 30-minute strategy session 1:1 with Camila

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