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Is Social Media Marketing overwhelming to you?

What if there was a more aligned Social Media Platform where you don't need to scream loud in order to be seen.

As a community builder you're now ready to cultivate an international community to facilitate the collective awakening.

You wish there was an alternative way for ideal clients to find you without having to use manipulative tactics.

What if you could...

Have your work exposed to 23 million spiritual seekers who are willing to invest in support for transformation,

 Attract new high-end clients,  whilst cutting your marketing costs and efforts in half,

and be paid passive income.


Become a Teacher on Insight Timer Course

And get the algorithm working in your favour, reaching more people than you do on FB or Instagram.

✔ Create your teacher profile on Insight Timer and
start right by positioning yourself as the expert

 ✔ Grow an audience of engaging fans who love your work  

✔ Learn how to create quality content the easy way,
stand out on Insight Timer 

✔ Discover how Insight Timer can best work for you, setting an initial strategy  and direction over Insight Timer features

Inside The Course

Setting up to
Record Quality Audios

Create Quality Audios
(free software)

Give your Content a Professionnal Touch

Create your
Expert Teacher Profile

Be Accepted as a Teacher
with ease

Build your Community & Grow your Following

Limited Time

Community on FB
(casual Q&A and updates)

Updates, challenges and Q&A teachings are done inside the FB group

Focussed Co-working call on Zoom to get to the finish line

Grow in Community.
Goodbye procrastination & self-doubt.

Gain the VIP student badge & access exclusive discounts

You gain the VIP student pass and get access to exclusive discounts to 10+ courses, programs and services

get started today

Become a Teacher on Insight Timer Today

The ealier you get in, the better you can utilise the algorithm in your favour and start earning today!

This course is absolutely for you if...

  • you want to make money with recorded meditations
  • Social Media kind of overwhelms you
  • You want to help as many people as possible 
  • You're ready to be seen as a thought leader
  • You're committed to making a positive impact 
  • You don't have time to waste on traditional social media

You may want to keep looking if...

  • You want to grow your passive income streams
  • You want of voice and your message to be heard
  • You desire organic ways to stand out with your message
  • you want to create a movement of like-minded people
  • You like to simplify your life and business
  • You feel called to run your business differently

 " I was puzzled that my course attracted already over 1,000 students, which also has generated 1k in passive income in less than 2 months!

Orit Krug
Board Certified Dance Movement Therapist & Trauma Specialist, Lasting Love Program

I believe our business is the ultimate Spiritual Practice that allows us to grow, create impact and actualise our deepest desires to leave a legacy.

I'm Camila Sunshine

I've grown 6k followers on Insight Timer organically in less than 3 years and have taught over 100 Leaders to thrive on Insight Timer.
I help Multi-passionate Soulpreneurs like YOU grow your business, sell authentically in a way that is aligned with your STRENGTHS and NERVOUS SYSTEM.

 I combine 14 years of Business Experience with 13 years as an Intuitive Energy Worker to help right-brainers create structures that streamline their wisdom into tangible Soul Signatures Programs that sell.

As a bridge between the Structure and Creative, I believe healers can underestimate their gifts, so in my work, I reflect back their geniuses, which translates into confidence in their gifts which make the impact we wanna see in the world.

Enrol any time
for a self-guided journey


Join the Insight Timer Program
 with Mentoring

And keep those BONUSES:

Co-working classes
Q&A with established Teachers & Sound Engineers
(to help you improve your Audio)
✔Lifetime access to the Self-guided journey to the Insight Timer course
(With all upgrades and updates)

We start on November 30th

3x 90 min calls
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November 30th
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Frequently Asked Questions

This course "Become a Teacher on Insight Timer"  is ideal if you are a healer, coach, change maker, therapist, psychologist or thought leader of some sort wanting to grow your business and reach the right audience.  Even if you've established yourself in other platforms, this course will show you how to become a teacher, create and re-purpose content from other platforms into Insight Timer. 

If you are already a Teacher on Insight Timer, you may want to check my Level 2 Program "Become an Expert on Insight Timer", which is more focussed in Marketing and growing your following. <> Click here

You have a 7-day Money Back guarantee.  That's how it works: if you watch the first 2 modules of the course and see that is different from advertised, no questions asked. No refunds apply after 7 days or after all content is consumed.  Once refunds are requested, all the bonuses are also cancelled.

Yes, this course shows you which sort of content you can re-purpose onto Insight Timer and how to do it.

What Clients Are Saying

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“I joined Insight Timer to increase my brand awareness. It has blown my mind how much quicker potential clients become real clients as they are ready to heal.

Receiving donations on a daily basis is what keeps me wanting to show up online to a group of engaged people. I was puzzled that my course attracted already over 1,000 students, which also has generated 1k in passive income in less than 2 months!”

Board Certified Dance Movement Therapist & Trauma Specialist, Lasting Love Program

“I am so grateful to Camila for creating this amazing program. Being on Insight Timer gave me the opportunity to share my work and help many others around the globe to heal.

I’ve grown my community substantially and my meditations and courses are reaching thousands of people and generating a generous passive income to complement my healing business”.

Energy Healer and Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, The Ecstatic Evolution

“I’ve always known I had so much to share to help others heal from trauma, but I was getting caught up in some insecurities and perfectionism.

 I was letting life get in the way and Camila provided such a high-touch support and encouragement to get started. Doing it with other like-minded healers and having that space to create what I know I am capable of was life-changing!  Just get started!

Energy Healer and Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, The Ecstatic Evolution

Start Earning on Insight Timer Today

3 modules to Create Quality Audios (Value $300 AUD)
Coaching Calls (Value $450 AUD)
Extra Co-working Call (Value $450)


$499 AUD

Access 3 Mentoring Calls

$499 AUD

Payment plan also available!

  • 12 months Access to Course 
  • 12 months access to Calls
  • Co-working call to get to the finish line
  • 7-day Money Back Guarantee

Self-guided Journey

$299 AUD

  • 12 months Access to Course
  • 12 months Access to Calls
  • 7-day Money Back Guarantee

Wanna start earning Money on Insight Timer Today?


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