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Do you want to create a course, but are not sure how to get started?

How do I choose the right course to launch?  

Will people buy it?  

What if no one buys it?  I will look silly!  

Do I need to pay for a course platform?

How do I choose the most cost-effective platform for me?  

What if it's all too hard and I don't finish the project?  

Is there a way to launch without all the Marketing & Tech overwhelm?  

Shall I create a course or a program?

Will I be able to hold a group container energetically?  

Will I be able to really get people results?

Yes, I had all those questions when creating my first online course.

I almost gave it all up!

Let me uncomplicate course creation (even if you're a multi-passionate with 1,000 ideas)

✨Learn the best course platforms to get started and the ones to avoid

✨Get clear about your pricing and avoid pricing mistakes

✨In case you have many ideas for programs, learn how to pick the most profitable course idea

✨Learn how to sell your program even without a huge following

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