Imagine taking intuitive actions that serve your life and Biz

Be in tune with your Body, the moon and
become the best Soul Biz CEO you can be.

Do you feel overwhelmed with your Biz Tasks?

You know you are cyclical, and you wish to keep being reminded of where to keep your focus and practice maximising your productivity.

You have promised yourself to provide value AND work less because working harder didn't translate into more sales in the past.

You're an advocate for feminine wisdom and embodiment, and you adore being part of a group of wise women who can keep reminding you of your power.

What if you could...

Know exactly when to launch your programs, create content or rest.

  Know yourself so deeply that FOMO or comparisonitis are things from the past.  

And be more likely to receive clients with more ease.


Monthly Feminine Flow Planning Parties

Being in balance makes you unstoppable

Inside The Course

Harness your energy with the Moon Tracker

Learn how to take advantage out of Mercury Retrograde

Use your Creativity Patterns to Increase your Visibility Online

This course is absolutely for you if...

  • You've promised yourself to work smarter, not harder
  • You love growing with other like-minded people
  • You prefer Fun Planning Parties rather than Boring Planning
  • You love empowering yourself with a deeper level of awareness

You may want to keep looking if...

  • You are looking for new ways to be more productive
  • You believe you can grow your business whilst keeping balance
  • You like to simplify your life and business
  • You want to keep committing to planning with soul for the year

This space is open hearted, spacious and supportive.
It has assisted me in hitting targets that otherwise would not have been even on the cards.
It is helping me to carve out time in my life for me and my business and getting better family / work balance.
This has been monumental for me in turning my life around.
I’d recommend it to those who seek collaboration and the dynamic energy of a collective to create a business that aligns wholeheartedly with them.


Join the Party!

Every Month 90 minutes Planning Party + Success Celebration
on the Monday Prior to the Lunar Cycle @11am AEST (Sunday 9pm EST)


for the whole lunar year

Soul Business Growth (best value)


You save $200+ when you pay in full

  • Less than $20 for each planning party 
  • Monthly 90min Planning Parties on Zoom
  • Updates on Mercury Retrograde
  • FB Community to grow together

1 x Planning Party



  • Lunar Mandala Template
  • 1x 90min Planning Party on Zoom