Work less and help more people as a
Holistic Therapist or a Coach

Hi, I am Camila Sunshine.

I've transitioned my practice online during the lockdowns and became a Digital Nomad.

I can help you stand out as the go-to Expert
by creating online courses that 
leverage your income & change lives.

You feel proud of the great clientele you’ve built.
Now you’ve been wondering how you could continue to change lives..
Without having all depending only on YOU.  

Let me help you to leverage your time...
So you have time to focus on other projects and help even more people…

✔ I will show you how you can impact a wider audience
✔ Leverage your time and skills through the creation of online programs and courses, even if you are a multi-disciplinary therapist, practitioner or coach and have many modalities under your belt.

✔  Build confidence quickly while you decrease the learning curve while you grow an online business that actually feels aligned with your strengths and values.  

✔ Don’t feel all alone in business, open up to possibilities of collaborative marketing.  

✔ Learn Intuitive Marketing Strategies from another holistic therapist who has sold over 10 courses to hundreds of students… and therefore understands what works in your industry,
especially if you also work as a coach or a healer.

Let's have a chat about:

To set the right pathway for you to
sign up clients more consistently...
(Without burning our or losing creativity)

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