Looking for new income streams
through recorded meditations?

Do you desire your heart's voice to be heard so you can impact more people?

Do you want to share your meditations, or have thoughts of start recording them?

Would you like to use your passion for meditation to make a passive income?

I am a facilitator and I've shown hundreds of other
therapists &  coaches
 the easy way to do this

In less than 2 hours - I will  show you how I did it.

I'll help you feel confident - to create and share meditations with other people.

How to easily sell them - without relying on social media or paid advertising.

You'll be able to:

Transform thousands of lives 
in the many years to come.

Keep generating a passive income 
months after month

Recorded Meditations can be a source of extra income

Did you know that a short 5 minute meditation can make extra income for you?

I have created dozens of short meditations,
that have generated 000's of dollars while
transforming lives.

Grow an Online Business (1: many)

✔ Transform Meditations into courses that you can sell

Build a community of people who love your work

✔Attract people interested in working with you

Save time and energy

The meditations I created years ago are still working for me:  

✔ being bought by my audience,
✔listened to by thousands of people every month
✔ generating a passive income for me monthly. 

I have taught people just like you. 

 I've worked with more than 100 therapists, coaches and facilitators.

 They went on to:
✔ make thousands of dollars in income,
✔ worked less because they were earning more,
✔ they reached more people than ever before.  

What my tribe has said:

"I generated 1k in passive income in less than 2 months! And it keeps growing!

Receiving payments on a daily basis is what keeps me wanting to show up online to a group of engaged people. It has also helped my exposure to attract new clients."

Board Certified Dance Movement Therapist & Trauma Specialist, Lasting Love Program

"Meditations helped me to grown my community substantially!

My meditations and courses are reaching thousands of people and generating a generous passive income to complement my healing business.”

Energy Healer and Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, The Ecstatic Evolution

"I finally took action on something my heart wanted to do, as before I was doubting myself and being trapped in perfectionism.

Doing it with other like-minded healers and having that space to create what I know I am capable of was life-changing!

Counselling & Energy Healing

Join a community of facilitators to

Monetize your Meditations

5 x 30 minute immersive sessions 
with like minded therapists, coaches and healers.

Together we will learn the simple way 
to record and sell your meditation

What's included:

Set up Recording Equipment

✔ Choose the right mic for you, even if it’s your phone’s or what you currently have

✔Learn how to use the basics of a free recording software

Create a powerful script for your

✔ Learn the body creativity state to “download” your best shareable content

Record your meditation with an impactful voice 

✔ Fun Voice warm ups & winning postures to to help you project your voice
✔Learn how to conquer the inner critic and the inner perfectionist voice

Add a background music to your Masterpiece

✔ Find  royalty free music
✔ Add background music to make a beautiful composition

Ways to sell meditations and start making passive income 

✔ Learn how to sell meditations to start making passive income
✔ Learn the different ways to Monetize your Meditations

What meditation teachers are saying:

 " I was puzzled that my course attracted already over 1,000 students, which also has generated 1k in passive income in less than 2 months!  Plus many became clients for my programs and retreats."  

Orit Krug
Board Certified Dance Movement Therapist & Trauma Specialist, Lasting Love Program

This is for you if...

  • You want more time and energy
  • You desire the flexibility to do what you love from anywhere
  • to grow your passive income streams & free up time
  • You have a deep desire for your voice to be heard 

When you join you will:

  • Learn to make money with recorded meditations
  • Find new alternatives that don't require Social Media 
  • Stand out with your message and be seen as a thought leader
  • Create a movement & make a positive impact 
  • You want to grow a Heart-Centred Business with flexibility

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5 x 30 minutes Training Sessions with Demo inside dedicated FB group
(Value $500 AUD)

From Oct 30th to Nov 3rd
5x 30 minutes
Training Sessions
@11am AEDT

Exclusive Launch Bonuses

SUPPORT: Dedicate Live Q&A Session with Experts
✔ Have a chance to ask me any questions
(Value $450 AUD)

ACCOUNTABILITY: Co-working Session
✔ Get this project done in only 5 days
✔Have fun with other creatives and feel proud you got to the finish line  
(Value $250 AUD)


$199 AUD 
(Access Premium Studio Quality Course as Bonus  )

get started today

And start impacting the life of others whilst building a new income stream that honours your expertise.

Hi,  I'm Camila Sunshine

I help Heart-Centred Entrepreneurs like YOU grow your business, sell authentically in a way that feels aligned and authentic.

I've sold my meditations in a variety of ways,  not limited to social media, e-mail marketing and Insight Timer.
I've grown 6k followers on Insight Timer organically in less than 3 years and have taught over 100 Leaders to thrive on Insight Timer.

 I combine 14 years of Business Experience with 13 years as an Intuitive Energy Worker to help right-brainers create structures that streamline their wisdom into tangible Soul Signatures Programs that sell.

As a bridge between the Structure and Creative, I believe healers can underestimate their gifts, so in my work, I reflect back their geniuses, which translates into confidence in their gifts which make the impact we wanna see in the world.

Monetize your Meditations
With Bonus Premium recording 

$199 AUD

Normally $199 AUD

  • 5 training sessions
  • Includes Q&A
  • Includes Co-working for Accountability & Completion
  • 7-day Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

This course "Monetize your Meditations"  is ideal if you are a therapist, coach or thought leader of some sort wanting to grow your business and reach the right audience.  Even if you've established yourself in other platforms, this course will show you how to create quality content to help you grow passive and help you sell your other services.

You have a 7-day Money Back guarantee.  That's how it works: if you watch the first 2 modules of the course and see that is different from advertised, no questions asked. No refunds apply after 7 days or after all content is consumed.  Once refunds are requested, all the bonuses are also cancelled.

If you want to improve the quality of your meditations, I have another mini course that will help you with that, you can gain access here.

you will get a chance to to visit an array for options to monetize your meditations and get ideas to improve your current strategy for passive income with meditations.  
It will help you refine your marketing by knowing how to title them so they work in a cohesive flow.

Wanna start having more freedom
by Monetizing your Meditations?


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